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My name is Conan... Conan John Knight Breitmeier. When I asked where I got my name, I was told... from Conan the Barbarian (of course) and from the show Knight Rider. Now that you know everything you need to know about me, I will fill the rest of this area with a few other facts.


I love art, design and anything that takes creativity. I have had clothing companies (I have 2 currently), wrote a book and sell it on Amazon  and even made a rap CD (There's a deep song about bigfoot on there). 


Professionally I have help brand companies, design vehicle wraps, billboards, apparel, labels and just about everything else. 


rose garden.a theAnd lastly, my first year of college I dated a girl on the dance team, and she once tricked me into performing a dance routine during a WNBA halftime show




1. Out of all the graphic design jobs out there available, what about Brewery Branding interested you?

  • I've always been interested in beverage branding of any type, but with the huge micro-brew explosion, it's been fun to watch how these little brewing companies are branding themselves and trying to make their products stand out. And being from Bend, Or. I see them a lot!


2. What brands do you most admire and how do they influence your work?

  • I really enjoy 21st Amendment for their artistic styles, but also how clever they are with how they use and brand the names. 10 Barrel has been a fun one to watch grow. It' also been interesting to see how after the buy our it has affected their branding.


3. Send pictures of 3 examples of unique and in-style merchandise in the brewing industry (Not from our website).

  • Ones on the left I think are pretty snazzy... the ones on the right are just a few beer-themed shirts I have created


4. Enjoy one, pound one, pour one out. List your go-to beer for each.

  • I am an IPA kinda guy....

  • Pound one... That good ole Red, white a blue (see video of me to the right doing just that!)

  • Any warm, half-drunken beer will be poured out