Alright, maybe not "Hardcore", but it's something. First, I think I really need to make sure everyone knows that, no, I am not an actual aspiring rapper. I am, although, a big rap and hip-hop fan. Just about anything with a beat, I'm all about. And, sometimes when I am just chilling at my computer, needing a break from the 12 hours I've worked straight on client work or one of my projects, I unwind with a little freestyling.

Back in the day, as a young 18 year old, my good friend Adam and I would record freestyles. Joined by my brothers, it was something we would do often, and to this day, anytime we are hanging out, there will probably be some ridiculous freestyling happening. (There are some hidden, rarely heard tracks out there my brothers and I recorded back in the day)

Thus these tracks were born. An always evolving album. The first song was made with my buddy (and he is actually a super talented artists) Brendan. That got me back into freestyling and recording. There are many more to come! Maybe some music videos as well, who knows.

So here it is. The album that will someday get me signed by 50 Cent. Probably as a joke, but i'll take it.

Note: again, these are freestyles, so whatever I say can't be held against me!