this is me

And this is my, right to the point, portfolio and resume.

The first time that I realized that art was more than a past time, and borderline obsession was when my 5th grade teacher told my parents, "he spends too much time doodling". Well, now I do it for a living, so I guess all that "doodling" paid off. I have but one goal in life, and that is to just enjoy what I am doing! If I get to spend all my hours creating, that is not a bad thing!


I like to think of myself a doer. If I think of it, it sounds like a fun project, then I go for it. Sometimes it fails, sometimes I make cool (and random) stuff (example)! The following page is a collection of my work and a little bit more about me!


Now, for a few random facts.


1. I once was tricked into dancing (with a full dance team) during a blazer game halftime show. And it was pretty bad.

2. Some buddies and I did a Kickstarter, went to Vegas, filmed a documentary and showed it at Bend Film Fest.

3. I was once nominated for Seattle citizen of the year.... without living in Seattle or even Washington.

4. I was named after Conan the Barbarian and Knight Rider (true story)

Click below to view my portfolio

(Note: All project in my portfolio were created by me. From clothing designs to full websites. If you would like to see any other examples of my work, let me know!)

see my beautifully simplistic resume

Simple and right to the point. You can even print it and use almost no ink! I do it because I care! If you would like a fancier resume... I can for sure make you one up!  


Thank you! Aso, I love you.

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