LOGO created from original painting!

(use slider on left to see transformation)

For the logo, I know you love the unique art you have hanging up in your shop, so I wanted to create a logo that replicated the art as well as worked as a logo. I wanted to create the feel of a well established, hometown shop that would feel authentic, appealing to visitors and locals! All hand-drawn, giving the feel of craftsmanship. This also gives your logo a story, and is instantly recognizable to new visitors!

the lettering

The typography of a log is very important. You want something that compliments the design of the logo make as well as enhances it. For the "My Flower Shop", we want that bolder, that is the main focal point after the flower logo. Using the same color as the flower as well. The "Lahaina" we want a contrasting font as well as color from the top lettering.


Simple and clean looking. Looking professional at the same time as creative




These colors are taken directly from the painting. I lighted up the green to give it more contrast and help make the red of the flower pop. 



long version