A note about my "Poetry"....

I wish you could see how many times I have written an opening sentence and then erased them. One was about dinosaurs, another sentence talked about Pokemon cards, all to illustrate how, although I enjoy it, I am not the best writer. Just the fact that I have written, then erased about 4 opening sentences proves that this is not exactly my forte. But as someone that loves to create for the sake of creating, I find solace and peace in writing. Especially poetry.

So here you will find my collection of poetry. You will notice that with most of the writings, there will be an instrumental attached to them. If you listen to the song while you read the poem, you will be in the same headspace as I was when I wrote it. Which might be dangerous, a lot goes on in this headspace. Not always coherent.

Also, I am not a huge proof ready. In fact, these writings are more like written doodles. I just start writing and let them be.

Ok, that was it.

On a totally separate note, check out these rad cake pans I got from a garage sell. I can't bake, like at all, but they were just way too rad not to buy. I wasn't sure where to brag about them, so figured here would be as good as any to show them off.


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